The Jungle is a Greek TV show presented by journalist Makis Triantaphyllopoulos. It is dedicated to news, revelations, political scandals and more. It has been shown on various channels over the years, such as Alpha TV, Star Channel and Alter Channel, Alpha TV and now back on Alter Channel. This latest change comes after much controversy over the content of a recent show. Makis discussed government corruption, but would not disclose evidence that he claims to substantiate his allegations. This prompted government regulators to fine Alpha TV as well. After an intense discussion with the station owner Dimitris Kontomina, Mr. Triantaphyllopoulos resigned. It was recently announced that his shows will return to the airwaves this time on the Alter Channel. The name Zougla means "jungle" in Greek. The show always includes a jungle-like landscape with jeeps, plants and huts and is always broadcast every Thursday afternoon. During his first years of presentation, Triantaphyllopoulos presented the show with his parrot, Fidel. Unfortunately, Fidel died during a fire in the set. zougla tv gr, zougla tv live, zougla tv gr live, zougla tv online, live stream of zougla tv, zougla tv greece, zougla web tv, zougla live tv channel, zougla tv live gr, zougla web tv live, zougla tv live streaming, zougla tv τράγκασ, zougla tv προγραμμα, www zougla tv live zougla tv