Skai TV is a Greek free-to-air television network based in Piraeus. It is part of the Skai Group, one of the largest media groups in the country. It was relaunched in its present form on 1st of April 2006 in the Athens metropolitan area, and gradually spread its coverage nationwide. Besides digital terrestrial transmission, it is available on the subscription-based encrypted services of Nova and Cosmote TV. Skai TV is also a member of Digea, a consortium of private television networks introducing digital terrestrial transmission in Greece. At launch, Skai TV opted for dubbing all foreign language content into Greek, instead of using subtitles. This is very uncommon in Greece for anything except documentaries (using voiceover dubbing) and children's programs (using lip-synced dubbing), so after intense criticism, the station switched to using subtitles for almost all foreign shows. Skai TV was first launched on 21 September 1993 with an emphasis on news and sports. However, on 26 September 1999, it was sold and the new owners gradually rebranded it as Alpha TV. The new station had an entirely different programming perspective and opted for a more mainstream profile, soon managing to become one of the top three TV stations in Greece. skai live, skai tv, skai, skai tv live, skai kairos, skai web tv, skai live tv, skai survivor, skai radio, skai news, skai programma, skai radio live, survivor skai, live skai, skai web tv live, web tv skai, skai live survivor, skai 100.3, skai προγραμμα, skai live streaming, skai gr, skai live tv τωρα, skai fm, skai tv survivor, live tv skai, programma skai, skai kairos farsala, skai survivor live, skai tv προγραμμα, skai tv live streaming, skai tv gr On 1 April 2006, the company that originally launched Skai TV bought Seven TV, a holder of a Greek National broadcasting license that failed to expand its coverage all over the country or attract a wide audience. The station was renamed to 'Skai TV' allowing the brand to re-emerge on the Greek television scene after 7 years, but this time the owners decided to forgo their previous approach and opted for high-quality foreign shows and valid news coverage.