Watch Rupavahini Live Streaming This is an online TV channel from Sri Lanka. You can watch this channel online on all platforms. Watch Rupavahini live from Sri Lanka, catch up on the latest news from Sri Lanka and the world, or catch up on the latest stories, clips, and programs from your favorite shows. The Rupavahini brings you the latest news, and live streaming of Rupavahini Live helps you stay up to date on events around the world. Sri Lanka Rupavahini (TV) Corporation, the state television, represents all Sri Lankans' benefits. We recognize the diversity of people's expectations, values, interests, and needs. We reach our target groups in Sinhala, Tamil, and English. A law of parliament created the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation (SLRC) on January 23, 1982, incorporated on February 14, 1982, and commissioned on February 15, 1982. SLRC aims to provide the best possible programming to satisfy viewers' needs for informative, educational, and family-oriented entertainment. Commissioned on February 15, 1982, Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation, the National Television Network, expanded its studio and broadcast facilities in 1986 and rehabilitated most of its original equipment digital technology in 1998 under three government grant projects.   The studio complex is located in Colombo, the commercial capital of Sri Lanka. The complex consists of the central control room, four studios, two dubbing studios, a digital post-production unit, two analog post-production units, and several editing suites, including non-linear editing and four external broadcast vehicles.