Watch Kohenoor News TV live streaming. Kohenoor TV is a channel broadcast from Pakistan. You can watch for free on your devices and has been connected to the internet. Kohenoor News TV has gained a specific place among other Pakistani News Channels. It is a 24-hour entertainment and the latest Pakistani news and Pakistani talk show channel. Kohenoor TV online. Pakistan TV channel.

Kohenoor News TV has achieved a special place among other Pakistani news channels. It is a 24-hour entertainment and the latest Pakistani News and Pakistani Talk Show channels.
The image of the emerging social spectrum is highlighted in the general program content of KOHENOOR and focuses directly and indirectly on the issues of morality, social issues, and national responsibility. The hosts and team at Kohenoor TV ensure that their shows represent the true culture of Pakistan.

Some of the popular Kohenoor TV shows are Sajjad mir k Sath, Hot Seat, Hotline, Qanoon Kia Kehta hai, TOP STORIES PAKISTAN, BE DAHAR, Debate on News, KN ​​News introduce the transgender presenter for the first time in Pakistani history in front.

KOHENOOR Television started on June 28, 2010. To end the misery that the people of the country face today, they need an entertainment channel where people have the opportunity to fulfill their entertainment glands. KOHENOOR television is a new upswing to end the trend of stale entertainment in the country. 24/7 days of entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, films, reality shows, roadshows, music shows, and information mean pure television. With the aim of broadcasting worldwide and offering entertainment with a focus on the land around the GLOBE.

The KOHENOOR logo embodies the diamond that came up with the idea of ​​bringing the country to the center of the world. In introducing the sophisticated branch of electronic media to the country, KOHENOOR Television's broader perspective is to educate and educate people through healthy entertainment and to make them aware of their own history, legacy, current issues, and development as well as knowledge of the world in general.

KOHENOOR Television also has the main idea to offer family viewers a homely atmosphere. Kohenoor's efforts towards the initiative have reached a number of significant milestones. With a variety of genres from comedy, drama, music shows, fashion shows, and sports, KOHENOOR touches every entertainment genre in the country. The broadcaster's vision is to provide fresh, crisp, and healthy entertainment to keep viewers up to date on national and global events 24/7.

KOHENOOR's ideology is based on its core tenets of educating viewers about the values ​​that are important to building a unified, integrated, and informative society. These goals are successfully achieved through a variety of entertainment programs in culture, education, and sports. The projection of a newly emerging social order is highlighted in the general programming of KOHENOOR and focuses directly and indirectly on the issues of morality and national responsibility by moderators in their broadcast on talk shows.

KOHENOOR Television's unique blend of production, distribution, innovative technology, and broadcasting gives viewers a VIP seat to watch some of the best Lollywood, Bollywood, and Hollywood coverage available directly. The brand is more than just-style.