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Watch JCTV live streaming. JCTV is a channel broadcast from Pakistan. You can watch for free on your devices and has been connected to the internet.

Jesus Christ Television (JCTV) is a Gospel television network broadcasting from Pakistan, and is the nation’s first Christian TV channel! Founded in April 2004 and based in Lahore, Pakistan, JCTV is blessed with state-of-the-art, high-tech studio facilities where JCTV’s production team creates a broad range of entertaining, inspirational — and life-changing — non-denominational programs for viewers of all ages in the Urdu language.

Jesus Christ Televison (JCTV) is an Urdu-language Christian television station based in Lahore, Pakistan. It is an affiliated channel of Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), an international Christian television network headquartered in Tustin, California (USA).