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The 2018 elections in Pakistan are the most anticipated event of the year. All eyes are on the upcoming parliamentary elections in 2018 and which political party will sweep with the maximum number of seats in the National Assembly. Dawn News will be responsible for broadcasting the special broadcast for the 2018 election on July 25, 2018. The Dawn News TV broadcast will include the 2018 election results of all constituencies across the country, all news of mishaps or unpleasant activities in each constituency analysis of anchors, Politicians and lawmakers.

Dawn News, another well-known Pakistani Urdu news broadcaster, is a subsidiary of Pakistan Herald Publications Limited. It is known as Pakistan's largest English-speaking media group, founded by Quaid e Azam in 1940. With the rise of electronic media in Pakistan, Dawn TV began broadcasting in July 2007. Dawn TV News began operating as an English news broadcaster due to the financial crisis and thin viewership that forced management to switch to Urdu news.

Dawn TV Live actively reports on all the breaking news and top stories like the terrible PK-661 crash accident, Panama leaks, etc. Dawn News acts as a responsible channel covering the latest events. The Dawn News Bulletin is broadcast almost every hour and features the best stories from different walks of life in the country. The Dawn News Morning Show, entitled "Yeh Hai Zindagi," airs every morning. Popular shows on Dawn TV News include The Selector, Do Raaye, Dusra Rukh, Sawal Se Aagay, Zara Hut Kay, News Wise, Bol Bol Pakistan, and News Eye, to name a few. The popular morning shows Chai Toast Aur Host is hosted by Anoushey Ashraf.

To enjoy these shows, Dawn News Live is available online to viewers across Pakistan. Find out in the DAWN News live, in the DAWN News Bulletin, or in the DAWN News Live Urdu only on HamariWeb about the latest developments in relation to Pakistan or the international arena.

Dawn News Live - Dawn News, another brilliant Urdu news channel, is available 24/7 to bring you the latest, authentic news. Dawn News TV started as an English news channel in 2010, but later, after realizing the market need for Urdu news, it became the leading Urdu news channel. Dawn News' television broadcast is broadcast and viewed in all urban areas of Pakistan. It also has access to the rural population wherever the cable goes. Dawn News TV Urdu is made famous by professional news coverage and is gaining immense popularity among the masses. The public is always on the lookout for news in Urdu as it is the most understandable language in Pakistan. As a result, Dawn News Live has integrated Urdu well, offering a wide range of Urdu news as well as breaking shows for the public interest. The Dawn News Bulletin is broadcast hourly on the channel and contains the latest news and top stories. The dedicated viewers can watch Dawn TV live streaming on this website.