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Watch Expo Channel live streaming now! Expo Channel is an Australian TV channel that broadcasts an extensive array of programming, encompassing a diverse spectrum of popular topics to cater to a broad and engaged audience, including beauty, fitness, health, lifestyle, shopping, and crafts | Live TV Channels
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Expo Channel is an Australian home shopping channel that was launched in 2000. The channel also features a number of live shows, hosted by presenters who demonstrate the products and answer viewer questions. In addition to its home shopping programming, Expo Channel also produces a number of original content, including documentaries, lifestyle shows, and cooking shows. The channel also has a number of social media channels, where viewers can interact with the presenters and learn more about the products that are being offered. Expo Channel is a popular home shopping channel in Australia and has been praised for its wide range of products, its live shows, and its original content. The channel has also been awarded a number of industry awards, including the Australian Direct Marketing Association's "Channel of the Year" award in 2016.