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Iran e Aryaee TV is an Iranian television station. Available for free, it takes a strong position as a network that champions free expression. Iran TV e Aryaee TV campaigns openly for a political system that separates religion from the state.

Therefore, the network operates as an opposition media to the Islamic government of Iran. This free chain also represents a platform for all Iranians and friends of Iran, who may have fallen foul of the political system in force in that country.

As its primary purpose and role in Iran e, Aryaee TV reports on restrictions of freedom and violations of human rights taking place in Iran. The television station was launched under Reza Cyrus Pahlavi's leadership, heir to the throne of Persia.

The theory of the Aryan invasion inspires it. It intends to use the same selflessness that characterised the Aryans to expose the flaws of Iran's Islamic regime and campaign for a new system that is more democratic.

By watching this Persian language channel, you have the opportunity to have a window on Iran other than the establishment media. A real forum for free expression, Iran e Aryaee TV relays the country's political and social events objectively.

The TV station brings the viewer analysts, mostly Iranian consultants and contributors, who debate Iran's current realities and future. The network also addresses the current significant challenges and the fight against international terrorism.